Thursday, July 16, 2009


A lot of times we are pressed for time. 24/7 is no longer enough time to work full time and do everything you want. There are many things to explore in this world and so little time to do it...

This is where a fairy with a magical wand should come into play..

Fairy: What's on your mind?
Alli: things...

Fairy: what kind of things....?

Fairy: what is this EVERYTHING?
Alli: nothing..

Fairy: what do you mean by EVERYTHING and then nothing??
Alli: EVERYTHING because there is no limitation...... nothing, because if you don't try anything, you'll have nothing!

Fairy started waving her wand and said..."Look up and there is limit"

Alli looked up...and said where???

Fairy respond.. my child, the sky is your limit. There are endless possibilities...... and with the sky, YOU have no limit. It's just a matter if you want to try or not! :)

SO remember, if you try, you gain a chance, if you do nothing, You won't even have a chance!


Helen Kelleher Photography said...

Dear Alli,
Loved your post. How true it is. Keep the faith. Reach for the stars...and always follow your passion.

debbie pfisterer said...

your quote at the end is GREAT! i might steal it as my facebook status soon! don't worry you'll get credit! love you!

Anonymous said...
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