Thursday, February 5, 2009

Helen C. Kelleher

I believe it when people say a PICTURE is worth 1,000 WORDS!

I admire and love this photo, taken from a blog I follow....

I often look for guidence, motivation, and inspiration through other's work and in today's post, I can tell you why I am motivated to succeed.

#1 This is a great photo of Grace (referenced in Helen's blog)

#2 I've reviewed a lot of Helen's work and it's wonderful already as a black and white photograph, but

#3, Helen just knows how to capture these lovely images

Now, I know some might say, what the hell, is this girl talking about?
We'll, if you look at this picture, it has texture and color. It might seem like a simple shot, but in reality it's not! Give it a try, and tell me if it works and then email me! :)

In the mean time, go see more of her work. :)


Helen C Kelleher said...

Dear Alli, I came across your blog and was quite surprised and delighted that you took the time to comment on my image. Thank you. Photography is my passion and I am always happy to share with others. Please, contact me if you want to talk about photography.

Alli Cee said...

Thanks Helen! I will definitely ask you if I have any questions relating to photography! Thanks for giving me motivation and inspiration!