Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Special note to those who make a difference in my life...

Today was a ending to a very special chapter in my life, but also the beginning of a wonderful journey. For the LAST 14 weeks, I was in a room weekly with a great group of people who coached me to find my COURAGE, MoTivaTion, and EnThusi--asm! It was a great experience before we all share great stories and etc with each other that helped each other grow.

One thing I learned a lot from each and everyone was their will power and everyone's eagerness to live an intentional life. I want those who read this post, to leave this blog thinking to yourself about what goals in life and how you can live a more intentional life. I also want you to take that extra step, and tell someone positive so they can start living an more intentional life through the influence of you like others have done for me.

Besides these people who have spent 14 weeks with me. I want to thank my mentor who has been there and already built this foundation of support before I met these new "special group" of friends within the last few months.


Thanks for the visit! K.I.T. and thanks to those who taught me the real meaning of a dollar store. :)

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