Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day in a life of Philadelphia CENTER CITY! Reading Terminal

Jan. 17, 2009.
Sorry for the late blogging! I had a GREATTT time yesterday that I couldn't manage to come on and update. Yesterday was just a greatt day! I was out with a couple of people/close friends/clients with my new camera! :) Here's a teaser as I will post a few for you to view in the next few days!

- Alli~

PiC... Went to Reading Terminal and was amazedddd by the size of these shrimp on the right. If you look at the ones on the right and compare them to the oones on the left..they are 1.5x bigger! MAN i won't even know how to cook them, but looks greatttt!! It was like 29.99 a lb! LOL

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Olivia said...

this one is so very intersting.
i like t he idea of food. that is something i have a hard time with. and i think you should try getting closer.and possably point the camera up wher the shrip touched in the center.
it's so unquie i like it