Monday, January 12, 2009

Marty's Comments!

So I DIDN'T REALLYYY get to update my BLoG this weekend, but I will when I get home!

However, before I do.... I want to thank all those who doesn't have blogspot/didn't comment directly on my blog on the last post.

One comment really caught my eye is from my co-worker/friend Marty!!

A blog! That's for you young folks. FYI - Marty is not OLD! Another reason why MARTY you should get a BLOG!

I think it's more accurate (not thebest adjective) because it provides better definition of the earring and draws your eye immediately to the diamonds. The other picture allows your eye (focus) to roam. I guess to some the "darker" picture would be better.

If you were advertising the diamonds in the earring you would want the lighter picture. If you were illustrating a romantic story about dianmond earrings you would be better off with the "darker" image. Great feedback!

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